Dental awareness month



June is Dental awareness month, and so we are offering free dental assessments to all dogs and cats. In addition dogs will recieve a free packet of Pedigree Dentastix. 

Plaque builds up on your pets teeth after each meal, and with time this becomes tartar. The tartar irritates the gum line causing inflammation known as gingivitis. When this is severe the gum recedes back exposing the structures that help to hold the tooth in place. With time not only do the affected teeth become loose, but they can become infected, with bacteria seeding to vitals organs such as the heart and the kidneys.  A staggering four out of five dogs over three years of age are affected by peridontal disease.  However in most cases dental disease can be successful treated, and then with the appropriate homecare, prevented in the future. 

Often the first (and only) sign that owners are aware of is smelly breath. It is very rare for an animal to stop eating due to dental pain. Your pet may be slightly quieter or grumpier or may show no outward signs at all. Our nurses can advise you on how healthy your pet’s teeth and gums are, and inform you about all the homecare options; brushing, special ‘teeth cleaning’ diets, dental chews, dental toys and supplements to add to their food or water. For more info click onto