Does your dog have smelly breath?

These two handsome housemates came in last week to have their teeth cleaned.








Picture 1) Mild tartar: before and after cleaning.










Picture 2) Significant tartar: before and after cleaning.










Picture 3) This shows how tartar on the tooth can hide problems below. The exposed tooth root meant the tooth had to be removed.










Picture 4) This shows an infected tooth that was very difficult to spot when the dog was awake.










The tubes in the pictures are their endotracheal tubes, which are placed in their airways so that anesthetic gas and oxygen can be administered.
If your dog has smelly breath, book a free nurse appointment and they can advise you on whether your pet needs dental treatment. We 
have a subsidised price for a ‘descale and polish’ to encourage early intervention. These two both had to have teeth removed, which could have been prevented if they had had a procedure sooner.