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Corncrake Breeding project

Since May we’ve been involved with Pensthorpe Conservation Trust’s Corncrake breeding project. Corncrakes are related to moorhens, coots and rails but differ from most members of the family in that they live on dry land. Corncrakes are very secretive, spending most of their time hidden in tall vegetation, with their presence only betrayed by the male’s rasping call. Sadly they have suffered a severe decline in numbers due to changes in agricultural practices, in particular, early mowing. Pensthorpe is rearing captive bred Corncrakes and releasing them in the Wensum Valley. We have been involved in their pre-release health check, which includes taking a blood sample so their sex can be determined by their DNA. To find out more visit: http://www.pensthorpe.com/our-trust/our-projects/corncrakes/

Smart Flow – veterinary care


At Summerhill we are always committed to providing the best possible patient care. So earlier this year we were the first practice in Norfolk to install the Smart Flow system. Smart Flow uses i-pads and cloud-based technology to make the everyday work of our vet team easier, so we can optimize the time we spend with our patients.

The system uses a digital ‘whiteboard’, where each patient is listed, alongside their photograph and any task they need. The ‘whiteboard’ is displayed on large t-v screens in the prep room and kennels, as well as being accessible on the i-pads or practice computers. This ensures that any member of our team knows exactly what a patient requires and when.

When a pet comes into the practice whether it be for a day procedure or for a longer stay, there are numerous forms that our staff fill in. These include consent forms, care plans, anaesthetic monitoring charts, medication charts and hospitalisation records. These forms are now all in a digital format, making them easier to complete and allowing any team member to access them from any work station.

For more information follow: https://blog.smartflowsheet.com/patient-care-smart-flow





What to do if you find a baby bird

We’ve had several baby birds brought to the practice over the last few weeks. Unfortunately away from the care of their parents their survival rates are poor. Please visit the RSPB website (https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/advice/how-you-can-help-birds/injured-and-baby-birds/baby-birds/) for further information on what to do if you find a baby bird or for a quick guide see the RSPCA poster below.


Microchip your cat!

In April 2016 it became a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped. Since then it has been so much easier for us to reunite lost dogs with their owners. Sadly the same is not true for cats. A recent RSPCA report showed that almost 9 out of 10 cats brought into their rescue centres were not microchipped. Without a microchip it can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible, to reunite a beloved pet with its owner. Book your cat in today for only £12.