Welcome to Nicola

A big welcome to our new vet Nicola. Nicola has just qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London, and brings with her all the most current veterinary knowledge. She may be a familiar face to many of our clients as she has been ‘seeing practice’ with us over the last two years, as part of her training. It is through these placements that we got to know Nicola, and knew that she would fit in well to our team. Nicola is looking forward to working with all species of animals and she currently enjoys medical cases. She has a cat called Twiggy who will be joining her in Fakenham.

Michelle’s maternity leave has nearly come to an end, and she will be re-joining Summerhill at the end of August. So our vet team will shortly be up to six vets: Jane, Lucy, Michelle, Georgia, Kian and Nicola.