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Local dog show this weekend

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Great Ryburgh is hosting a fun dog show this Sunday. For more details or a list of classes please e-mail greatryburghplayingfield@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page ‘Great Ryburgh fun dog show and races’.

Rabbit Awareness


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Rabbit Awareness Week is a national event that will be running from the 18th – 26th of June. This year marks the event’s 10th birthday. The aim of the event is to promote rabbit welfare, by offering free health checks and professional advice on diet, husbandry, behaviour, companionship and health. At Summerhill we will be offering free health checks for a whole month (18th June to 18th July), on Tuesday afternoons and all day on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Phone the practice to make an appointment or if you’d like more information visit http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk

New qualification for Michelle


Congratulations to Michelle who has just been awarded the RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in Small Animal Medicine, Cert AVP (SAM). After 6 years of study, her hard work culminated in a final oral exam at Liverpool University Vet School yesterday morning. RCVS certificate holders are recognised as a middle tier of vets sitting between general practitioners and recognised specialists. Well done Michelle, we’re really proud of you.

Calm cats!

Cats hiding

Most cats do not enjoy visiting the vets. First, they are put into a basket that they may not be familiar with, then they have to cope with a scary car journey. Once they arrive at the vets they have to sit in a waiting room with lots of strange sights, smells, and sounds. So it’s no wonder they are often very worried by the time of their appointment.

We would like to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible. So our receptionists¬†will now be offering all cat owners a ‘calming towel’ when they arrive. The towels are sprayed with a natural remedy, which is a blend of Valerian oil plus other essential oils and extracts. ¬†The spray works by enhancing the production of a neurotransmitter which is produced by the brain to calm the body in stressful situations. The towels also act as a physical barrier to help block out strange sights.

We already use this spray in our hospital area, and prior to procedures such as blood sampling, with great results. So we are hoping our cat visitors will be more relaxed in the future.