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Welcome to Sara

Welcome to Sara Turnball who joined our reception team in January. Sara has been bringing her pets to Summerhill for over 20 years, and so knows the practice well. Away from the reception desk Sara volunteers for Norfolk lowland search and rescue and enjoys spending time with her two cats Teddy and Sox.

Award nominations!

Thank you for our Petplan 2017 nominations: practice of the year, Jane and Lizzie for vet of the year and Lana for vet nurse of the year.

Bucket loads of puppies!

Pointer pups 1

This adorable litter of Pointers was delivered by caesarian section at Summerhill in November. Here they all are again, two months later, visiting us for microchipping and their first vaccination.

Pointer pups 2

New Year’s Resolution?


Over a third of UK dogs are overweight. Is yours? Have you be meaning to do something about it, but keep putting it off? The start of the new year is a great time to take action.

Step 1) Come along for a free nurse appointment to find out how much your dog actually weighs. Our nurses will then tell you what their ideal body weight should be.

Step 2) We will formulate an individual plan for your dog depending on what food they currently eat and how much exercise they get.

Step 3) We will book you in for free regular weigh-ins to ensure you are staying on track.

Nearly two-thirds of UK adults are overweight, and so it’s likely you would benefit from being a few pounds lighter too. The good news is that you can get fit together. Walking can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce your risk of heart disease as well as resulting in weight loss. We’d like people to share their favourite dog walks on our Facebook page to inspire others to get out there!