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Grass seeds

Every year at Summerhill we see lots of dogs who have grass seed related injuries. These pesky seeds are designed by nature to stick to anything and everything, so they can be moved on to a new place to grow. Their unidirectional barbs mean once they are attached to your pet’s coat they work their way in towards the skin, if left they will penetrate the skin and cause an abscess. They often migrate under the skin and burst out in another area. The commonest site of entry is in between the paws. If you can’t avoid areas of long grass at this time of the year, make sure you check your dog’s toes after walks. The earlier they are found the easier they are to remove. Grass seeds in ears, eyes or up the nose are extremely painful and need immediate attention from a vet.

Exam success!

Congratulations to Ella and Megan, who passed their first year nursing exams this week!


Welcome back to Gemma!

We’d like to welcome Gemma back to the practice. Gemma worked at Summerhill Vets for 9 years from 1999 to 2008. She then spent a year at another Norfolk practice before having a career break to look after her three young children. She rejoined us last week and will be playing an active role in our nurses’ clinics, so many of you will get to meet her. She qualified in 2005 and particularly enjoys surgical nursing and emergency care. At home, she has a wide selection of pets: horses, pygmy goats, chickens, dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

This month we say goodbye to one of our trainee nurses Beth, who has been at the practice for two and a half years. Beth has been an extremely valuable member of the team and we all wish her well for the future.

Elderly cat photo competition

Vet professionals is a company that provides advice to pet owners and veterinary professionals. They are looking for some good quality photos of elderly cats before and after successful treatment of a variety of medical conditions. To be eligible for this competition, your cat must be aged 11 years or over at the time their illness was first diagnosed. They are looking for case studies that illustrate how beneficial medical treatment can be for an elderly cat. They would like to find ways of encouraging other owners to bring their cats to the vet, so would love to hear your tips and suggestions!

For more information visit https://www.vetprofessionals.com/site/survey-detail?ID=Photo%20Comp