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Easter toxins!

Hot cross buns

Have you stocked up on hot cross buns and chocolate eggs ready for Easter? If you have, make sure they are stored safely out of harm’s way as both raisins and chocolate are toxic to dogs.

Grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas can contain a toxin which initially causes vomiting and diarrhoea but eventually leads to kidney failure. The amount of toxin varies considerably between different products, so that some dogs can eat large quantities without any sign of harm, whilst others have gone into kidney failure after eating only small amounts. Chocolate contains a toxin called theobromine which can affect the heart, central nervous system and the kidneys.  Dark chocolate and cocoa contain higher levels of the toxin and so are more dangerous to your pet. If you think your dog may have eaten raisins or chocolate always phone the practice for advice.

Countdown to microchip law.

April law

Petplan have a good FAQs page if you’d like to find out more….

Vet vouchers

Stuck for ideas for Valentine’s Day or Mothering Sunday?

vet vouchers




Vet Vouchers is the first national online gift voucher scheme for veterinary care. It provides an efficient way of gifting a financial contribution to a friend, family member or colleague. The vouchers can be redeemed at registered practices throughout the UK (such as Summerhill) and you can choose what the money is spent on: be it for a life saving operation, a routine vaccination or a toy from the waiting room. The minimum voucher value is £10 and there is a £1 booking fee per transaction, but 30% of the companies profits are given to animal charities each year. For more information visit www.vetvouchers.co.uk

Staff news


It’s been a busy few months at Summerhill Vets and so we’re a bit late in ‘officially’ welcoming Megan, who joined the practice in October 2015. Previously Megan was at Easton college undertaking an Animal Management Course.  She is currently gaining practical skills under the guidance of our qualified nurses, and will return to Easton in September to embark on her 3-year veterinary nurse course. In true vet-nurse-style Megan hand reared a litter of abandoned kittens in her first few weeks with us, and at home she has two dogs and two cats.

Sam returns from maternity leave in Feburary, with Steph due back at the start of the summer.