Our nursing team – an update.

We’ve had a few new faces recently join our nursing team. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to meet them yet, here is a who’s who. Our registered (qualified) veterinary nurses wear a dark green uniform and are: Nadine (centre), Steph (top left), Sam (top right), Hannah (bottom left) and Lana (bottom right). Nadine is our head nurse and clinical coach. She oversees the nursing team and is responsible for tutoring our trainee nurses. Sam is currently on maternity leave and Steph will shortly be going on maternity leave. Our trainee nurses wear a light blue uniform and are: Beth (top left), Ella (top right), Holly (bottom left) and Sean (bottom right). Beth and Ella start their formal training at Easton college this September, whereas Holly and Sean will both spend the next year gaining practical skills before starting at Easton in September 2016.


Welcome to Holly and Sean.

H and S

A big welcome to Holly and Sean who have both recently joined Summerhill Veterinary Centre, as trainee veterinary nurses. Holly has just completed a year long Animal Nursing Assistant qualification from Easton College, and Sean has spent the last three years at Moulton College in Northampton, studying Animal Care and Management. They will both spend one year at the surgery gaining practical skills before embarking on their formal veterinary nurse training at Easton College in September 2016. Holly currently enjoys surgery and radiography and has a Westie, a budgie and a hamster at home. Sean enjoys emergency cases and has a Bichon Frise and three cats.

Welcome to Ella.


Welcome to Ella, our new trainee vet nurse. Ella joined us last week, and will start her formal nurse training at Easton college in the autumn. Initially Ella studied photography gaining a BTEC National Diploma. However after spending time as a receptionist at a vets and working at the RSPCA she decided to pursue a career in veterinary nursing. Ella has grown up surrounded by pets and currently has two cats, Sansa and Pherb.

Above and beyond award.

Lana above and beyond

Congratulations to Lana on being awarded this month’s “above and beyond” award having been nominated by other members of the practice team. Lana may not have been with us long but she’s already making a great impression!