• Call our surgery01328 855814
  • Out of hours07979 536688

Emergencies-Out of Hours

Find out what to do in an emergency when we are closed

In an emergency, please call 01328 855814 

Our out-of-hours service is run by our own team of vets and nurses. Our vets are on-call to see your pet in case of an emergency.

Summerhill Veterinary Centre has always been passionate about providing our own out-of-hours care for your pet.

Should you consider your pet needs a consultation outside of our opening hours, please call us and we will discuss your pet’s signs and symptoms. We will assess if your pet requires emergency out-of-hours care or if we can arrange an appointment for the following day.

Please see below a list of commonly asked questions regarding our out-of-hours service, including consultation fees.

Please note that all fees must be paid at the time of your appointment.

Questions and Answers

  • Simply call 01328 855814 you will then be given the out of hours mobile number, which will take you directly to one of our vets.

  • Of course we will be happy to help with any urgent enquiries.


    Opening hours are as follows:


    Mon-Fri 8:15am - 5:00pm
    Saturday 8:30am - 11:00am (for urgent queries/appointments)

  • Our night staff are vets and nurses who form part of our well-respected day team. All of our duty vets are experienced surgeons, should your pet need an operation or urgent procedure during the night.

  • We will endeavour to accommodate a home visit wherever possible including overnight. However, in certain situations we may advise it's better for your pet to attend the practice.

  • Your pet will be discharged as soon as it is safe to do so. We do not want your pet to be hospitalised for any longer than you do.

  • An out-of-hours’ surcharge will be charged but fees depend on the level of care that your pet requires. A critically ill patient will obviously require a higher level of monitoring and treatment than a more stable patient, and costs will reflect this. An estimate of cost will be provided on admit, and further bill updates will be discussed on a daily basis. Costly procedures and treatments will not be performed without your consent. Please note that full payment is required at the time of your pet's discharge, or time of treatment if the animal is not admitted.