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What can we do for you and your pet?

Our vets and nurses have a wide range of knowledge and skills, which along with our extensive equipment and facilities means we are able to offer you and your pet complete veterinary care. We constantly reinvest in staff training and new equipment to ensure the practice is up to date. Whether you just need us for routine vaccination or for emergency care (and everything in between) we strive to offer a friendly but professional service.


All our veterinary consultation appointments are 20 minutes long, this ensures that we always have the time to thoroughly examine your pet. We have consulting periods throughout the day to make your visit to us as convenient as possible. We try where possible to ensure that you see the vet of your choice, to give good continuity of care.

Surgical Procedures

If your pet requires a surgical procedure or diagnostic tests we can be as adaptable as possible, arranging the day and vet to suit you. We are happy to give estimates for any procedure your pet may need.

Nurse Clinics

The nurses run a comprehensive range of FREE clinics.

Post-op clinics for post-op assessment and suture removal.
Youth clubs for all puppies and kittens when they reach 6 months of age.
Well pet clinics for all pets, six months after their annual vaccination.
Plaque busters for advice on dental care.
Bug busters for advice on worming and flea treatments and help administering them.
Weight watchers for nutritional advice for overweight pets.
Ante-natal clinics for advice on breeding.

Behavioural Consultations

Nadine Fletcher, our head nurse has the necessary qualifications to give pet behaviour advice. Problems she treats range from separation anxiety to aggression. Nadine can be contacted at the practice or at nadine.fletcher@summerhillvets.co.uk  

Practice Tours

If you would like a behind the scenes look at Summerhill, we would be pleased to give you a practice tour. We will show you our facilities and equipment and answer any questions you may have.


We are now able to offer Cryosurgery at the practice. Our new Cryopen delivers a very precise high-pressure jet of liquid nitrogen and can be used to freeze and remove small skin growths like warts and skin tags. Usually no anaesthesia is needed, making the procedure a quick and inexpensive alternative to traditional surgical removal. Most growths will only require one treatment, but this does depend on the size of the growth. Speak to our vets if you’d like to know more.


Recommend a friend scheme

Our recommend a friend scheme awards £5 to both the recommending friend's account and £5 to the new clients account.